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 The Rules
 Posted: Apr 7 2014, 11:22 AM
Dear God. What is it like in your funny little brains? It must be so boring.
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Character Creation/Application

-Applying for Canon Characters is on a first come, first served basis. However, if there are two applications up for the same character, the person who applied first for said character will get the first chance.

-In relation to making characters that are related to canon characters this must be inquired about before hand and you must also get the permission of the person playing said character prior.


-If your character or account(s) are inactive for more than a month without notice (away boards, talking to a moderator etc) they will be removed and the characters will either be put in the vault, and or if it is a canon it will go back up for application.

-If you are going to be away or extremely busy for a period of time, please post in our away section so that other members know what is going on and you don’t lose your characters while you are away.

In Character Guidelines

- Since this is an intermediate rpg we encourage you to try and reach these optimal posting goals! (more of course is encouraged!)

- 250 (original characters) - 400 (canon characters)

The reasoning for this is to ensure everyone has enough well written content to respond to! Happy posters are a happy RPG!

-Please use proper spelling and grammar to the best of your ability.

-Posts must be written in 3rd person.

Thread Ratings

- If your thread is to include any adult material, please contact an administrator or mod to have it moved to a hidden locked area prior to posting said content.

This would contain but not be limited to:

- Any sexual acts past light play

- Any past "tv viewable" violence

- Any obscene amounts of vulgarity.

- Please remember to be tasteful in what you write, all threads will be monitored.

- PLEASE NOTE All important plot threads must adhere to the 14a guidelines as everyone should be able to understand what is going on without having to read through things that may make them uncomfortable.

Avatars, Signatures & HTML

-Avatars must be 250 x 350 (if you need help with this please ask Shal as she will be happy to make you one)

-Signatures must not stretch the boards. Please limit these to 1.

-Each character must at least have an avatar that depicts their character

-You may use other members in your signatures, however if someone playing that character would prefer it not to be in your signature they have the right to ask you to remove it.

-All signatures, graphics and avatars must accord to the pg13 standard rating of invisionfree/jclink

- You may have small amounts of additional text even if you have a banner, just don't go overboard.

- This site DOES allow DoHTML but please only use it if you know how it works, improper coding can muck up the boards. If you need help or assistance with code, please drop by the graphics area at the bottom of the forum.

- HTML & its images must not stretch the boards at anytime.

Chat Box Rules

- The chat box is considered part of this board that means all rules that apply to the forums also apply to this.

- No racial, sexist or any type of slander and rudeness will be tolerated.

- This is a place for just light chatting, but please remember to be respectful as guests also tend to read the chat box and ask questions.

- Please do not advertise in the chat box of any variety, we have an advertisement section for such things.

- If there are any problems please pm the admin or a moderator directly and do not post it in the chat box.

- Shalimar has access to all chat records even month old ones, please keep that in mind. This is like Vegas, what happens there stays there.

The Rules
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