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 The Plot, season 3 spoilers!
 Posted: Apr 6 2014, 08:31 PM
Dear God. What is it like in your funny little brains? It must be so boring.
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Chapter 1: The Murder of Mary Watson & Moriarty's Return

Dear viewers I must profess my sincerest apologies for keeping you all waiting and in the dark. For those of you whom are just catching up in regards to recent events, allow me to take you back to just under a months ago when this whole thing started.

As many of your are already aware, in light of Sherlock murdering Charles Augustus Magnussen, and as a result freeing countless hundreds from his clutches, he was sentenced to spend a life time in prison. Thanks to Mycroft's intervention however, he was able to negotiate an alternative sentence: pressing him into a highly dangerous MI6 mission to Eastern Europe.

Unfortunately it was clearly apparent that though Sherlock would not be rotting his life away in a cell, the six months he would be subjected to would most certainly turn out to be a death sentence within itself.

On that faithful day that he was to be sent away, Mary, Mycroft and I found it our duty as his friends to accompany him to the plane that would take him away and to wish him farewell. As life would have it however, not ten minutes into his exile, the world was struck with an unexpected twist.

Moriarty was somehow alive.

It was quickly decided that Sherlock was to be recalled from his punishment in lieu of the recent event much to everyone's relief and joy. I however could not help but feel that this entire situation was far to convenient and almost a warning sign of what was about to unfold.

As Sherlock's plane landed once more, I told Mary to stay in the car as Mycroft and myself went to retrieve him once again. Little did I realize that this was a grave mistake. It was only as the three of us were returning to the vehicle that I was suddenly thrown onto my back, a hot explosion knocking us to the ground. It took me several seconds to realize what had just happened, but by then it was too late.

The car had exploded and Mary and my unborn child were dead.

I wish I could say that the weeks that followed became easier as time went on, but they did not. Bent on finding out what happened, Sherlock and I entrenched ourselves in solving Mary's death but as time went on we both came up empty handed time and time again.

There was one thing we could both agree on however. Moriarty was behind it.

Things seem to be slightly more hopeful however, as Sherlock has just gotten off the phone with his brother and by the way he is bouncing around the room I suspect the news could be positive.

Edit: It seems though he is unwilling to tell us exact details, Mycroft seems confident that an old contact that has recently re-appeared on the governments radar may provide some clarity on the matter at hand. Supposedly this person is a spook whom knows vital information in regards to Moriarty and his inner circle.

Let us hope this individual is finally able to shed some light on the cause and reasoning behind my wife's death.

Until next time,

Dr John Watson.

Here lies the plot!
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