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 User Groups/Job Positions, This also includes RESTRICTED jobs/occup
 Posted: Apr 8 2014, 12:31 PM
Dear God. What is it like in your funny little brains? It must be so boring.
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User Groups/Job Openings

Here you will find all the current job openings and user groups that each character belongs to. This is not an exhaustive list, if there is something you want that isn't on here feel free to apply with it anyway. If it accepted it will be added to the list! [b]

Please see the very end of the list for jobs/positions are are not/taking on a very restricted basis


Chief: OPEN
Deputy Chief: OPEN
Detective Inspector: Greg Lestrade
Detective Inspector: OPEN
Officer: OPEN (unlimited)


Doctor: John H Watson
Doctor: Cameron T Tucker
Doctor: Richard Draven
Doctor: OPEN (unlimited)
Nurse: OPEN (unlimited)
Pathologist/Mortician: Molly Hooper
Other Specialist: OPEN (unlimited. Please specify)
Health Psychologist: Melissa Lestrade


Head of British Secret Service : Mycroft Holmes
Camera Technician: Sarah Doyle
BSS Agent: OPEN x 2 (basic only, no assassins/spec ops)
Secretary: OPEN x 1
Other Specialist: OPEN (unlimited. Please specify)


Consulting Detective: Sherlock Holmes
Detective/Ex-Special Ops: Jennifer A Moriarty
Landlady: Ms Hudson
Child: Jamie Watson
Mystery Writer: Annabeth Winters
Landlady/lord: OPEN (unlimited)
Teacher: OPEN (unlimited)
Librarian: OPEN (unlimited)
Fireman/woman: OPEN (unlimited)
Other Specialist: OPEN (unlimited. Please specify)


Criminal Mastermind : James Moriarty
Pathologist/Mortician: Molly Hooper
Le chat noir (the black cat) : OPEN (Mary's murderer)
Cook/Ex-Murderer: Anna Lukas
Other Specialist: OPEN (unlimited. Please specify)


Assassins: Closed for the time being (We have two already)
Black Ops/Seals/SWAT etc Closed

*all positions are potentially open for negotiation with an admin if you want to pitch your ideas.

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