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Jul 25 2014, 07:47 AM
All right, ya'll. Here's the deal. As you all know, I'm getting married tomorrow. Which means that starting today, I will be busy for at least a week, honeymooning and unpacking everything in the house.

I don't know when we'll have internet, but if I have time next week, I'll stop in.

If I have time tonight, I will probably get at least 1 post up. If you're waiting for me to reply, I'm really sorry for the delay.

I love you all. Play nice with each other. Happy Sherlocking!!!

May 24 2014, 10:40 AM
The 22 year old scoffed as she propelled herself down the outside of an apartment complex—do they call it that here in London or something else?...Aw who gave a shit?—her black backpack full of the equipment and power tools she needed. It had been a long day full of editing, and she had dealt with a bridezilla and mother-of-the-bride zilla as well during a photography session that morning. All she wanted to do was go to her apartment, order some pizza, get in her pajamas and have a much needed marathon of the 1950’s television series “Zorro” till it was three in the morning and sleep like the dead.

But no! Where was she tonight? She was stuck playing “Mission Impossible” on some random chick’s place that the British Government had sent her to in order plant a few cameras. Mark her words, those uptight paper-pushing douchebags were going to be sorry they asked her to work on “Zorro” night!

OK, it was no big deal. All she had to do was place a freaking CCTV camera on the wall, pop a few screws in to keep it in place, and she could run home before Mycroft could ask her to do anything more that night. Of course, it never stopped the man before. If he could, he could have her forcibly dragged out of her bed at four in the morning and put her on a plane to Istanbul because one of his dumbass operatives forgot to do a simple audio/visual bug in a monastery…

…Wait, did Istanbul even have monasteries?

Pfft, who cares? She dropped out of college for adventure and to do what she wanted. Not to study world cultures on her own.

With a tired sigh, she settled herself a few feet above the ground in the dark, being careful on the quiet street.

Boy, she could really use a coca-cola right now. That would make her feel better. That, and a big fat cupcake.

She was going to get one when she was done with all this spy crap…

Sarah reached into her tool belt that was strapped safely around her waist, grabbed a small power drill and got to work setting up the base that would secure the camera in place. That process would only take about five minutes tops.

Why did they need eyes on this girl anyway? Sarah knew nothing about her. All she was told to do was “Hey, go get a camera on this place. Make sure we’re able to get visual of someone going in and out the door”. That was it. That was all. But it still didn’t make sense to her! Obviously it was important, otherwise she wouldn’t have to have her solitary Friday night plans delayed.

Now, here comes the hard part—trying to screw the camera in place and turn it on. You would think it would be a simple task, but let’s see you hook up a camera while your legs are dangling five feet above the ground. It’s not as easy as it looks!

Placing a small lit flashlight in her mouth so she could see where she was screwing the nails into the camera, she concentrated on trying to get this whole thing done all the while complaining and cursing the British Government that was her boss. You know, if she had stuck around another semester in college, she probably would have a bit more skills to utilize other than what Mycroft liked to call “grunt work”. She could have went into drama classes—that would have been great for undercover work!

She could have paid attention more in her computer classes—hacking into top-secret networks sounded like the perfect thing to do with her time.

…And she also could have paid more attention in summer camp when they taught the campers how to tie secure knots.

Why didn’t she bring a ladder?

One loose slip of a couple inches down was her only warning.

Oh, shi—“ she began to swear, the flashlight in her mouth. “Aagh!

Two seconds later, she was on the ground in front of the door, tools from her belt slipping out, scattering about the concrete.

No broken bones, just a bruised ego. Obviously the noise would have caught the attention of whoever was living in the establishment. The door opened, but she didn’t bother looking at the occupant. She just stared up at the sky, her arms crossed over her chest, a broken camera next to her head, and a scowl on her face.

When I write this in my report,” she complained in a slightly pissed off voice. “—And this time, I will…I will not be kind about it…

Still lying on the ground with her arms crossed over her chest, she turned her head towards the resident of the apartment—flat, whatever!—and decided a little introduction was in order.

The name’s Sarah Doyle,” she greeted in the typical American fashion. “Whaddup?
May 21 2014, 06:29 PM
Working for the British Government had its perks.

Not many people can say that at just 22 years old, that they were working for the government, had their own office, and a salary that could easily afford them a Penthouse within a week. Unfortunately, most of that money went to paying off student loans back in the states, so, no Penthouse for Sarah. But she was good with the apartment that resided in Central London. Of course, she wouldn’t know how good it was to begin with; she was barely in that place. Most of the time she was running around and trying to get footage to BBC News, Scotland Yard, Mycroft, on occasion she would do some National Geographic work for the London Zoo, but it was something she loved doing, so she didn’t miss the place much.

Basically, the rent had been downgraded to “Just make sure I have a working shower and somewhere to stash my clothes” security. But, on the plus side, the place was always neat and tidy…Well, at least she thought it was. She hadn’t been there in the past 48 hours or so.

No, she had been holed up in her little office/ temporary apartment somewhere in the building, setting up multiple monitors showing CCTV footage from various street corners of London. From the state of things, it was clear that she had been spending a night or two in it as well. A couch sat in the corner that would have been reserved for any guests or clients that came her way served as make-shift bed. A pink and green quilted blanket her mother and grandmother had sewn for her when she was little laid in a crumpled mess on the couch cushions with a beaten up Disney princess pillow one of her nieces had given her before she moved.

As far as food went, she had acquired a mini fridge and microwave and was living off of pepperoni hot pockets and a few bottles of caffeine free coke, since she was at work and had to set up everything.

Did it bother her that she was practically shut up in this room for the past day and a half? Hell no! This was her job and she loved it!

She would have asked for help, but the thing was, she didn’t want to. Sarah was very particular about the way her equipment was handled. It was one of the things that made her good at her job. If one ever had the chance to see a mature side of the young woman, it would have to be the way she used her equipment and how she acted on certain jobs.

But this was not one of those times…

Instead of sitting neatly at her desk like every other employee in the establishment, she was lying underneath it, her stomach on the floor, hooking up the last of the audio and visual wires she was going to need for her multi-monitor monstrosity. And if that wasn’t enough to add to the mess of her office, if someone were to walk in right now, they would be treated to her singing along to Bonnie McKee’s “American Girl

I’ll just keep moving my body. Yeah, yeah,” she sang along as she connected cables under her desk, listening to the music coming through her noise-cancelling headphones. “I’m always ready to party. Yeah, yeah. No I don’t listen to Mykey…

…OK, so she changed the lyrics up a little, but it was still a fun and catchy song to sing.

((OOC: This is what I pulled up. With all this wedding business, my muse is kind of getting exhausted. Hopefully it’s good.  ))

Apr 28 2014, 04:20 PM

Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s Sarah Doyle—aspiring filmmaker, American, and a sweet and sassy smart ass. While mainly working for the British Government, this spunky young woman can be found around the streets of London with her camera equipment, doing odd jobs such as news broadcasts, family photos, engagement/bridal pictures, etc.

She’s also a babysitter and dog walker ‘cause she could always use the extra

So, wanna have fun with her? Hire her services? Help her make Mycroft’s life a living hell? Then leave a reply, and we’ll see what we can plot up.

Friends: This is anywhere ranging from her employers, clients, and the odd friend. She’s a very nice person. Willing to be a friend to anyone…Just beware, if you have buttons, she’ll push them. But don’t take it too personally, it means she respects you.

Lovers: Sarah’s a one-date wonder. Hasn’t had much experience with relationships and doesn’t really get too far with them. Most people she dates want to take it to the next level, and despite her personality, she doesn’t put out. Besides, she comes from a religious family. Even she has morals.

Enemies: She’s a chick with a camera. Of course she’s gonna make enemies.
She’s the one helping to spy on people. But she really doesn’t mind if she has enemies or not. If she does, it’s usually because she pisses them off real bad, whether it’s intentionally
Apr 11 2014, 03:02 PM
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Sarah Doyle

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Camera Technician

<div class='info2'>Allegiance:</div>
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Chaotic Good

<div class='info2'> face claim:</div>
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Jennifer Lawrence

<div class='info2'>played by :</div>
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<br>Going Name: Well, my name is Sarah Elisabeth Doyle because my parents couldn’t figure out what was more plain and simple for a girl. They should’ve let my brother name me Pythagorus. That would’ve been cool…Oh just what I go by? Call me “Sarah”. It’s easy enough.
<br><br>Aliases/Nicknames: I’ve had many nicknames in the past. Camera girl, “Hey, you”, “Bitch” is one of my favorites when I pissed someone off intentionally…Meh, whatever nickname you give me, I’m good with it.
<br><br>Gender: Um, I have natural breasts so I’m gonna say female
Do I really have to tell you guys my freakshow of a family?...Ugh. Fine…
Bruce Edward Doyle (55) He’s a retired civil engineer…Whatever that is.
Carolyn Leigh Doyle (52) She’s a stay at home, nagging mother. Don’t tell her I said that. I’ll never hear the end of it.
Ross Keegan Doyle (30) Journalist. Oldest brother. Jerk wad.
Gavin Bruce Doyle (28) Lawyer. Second oldest brother. Anal retentive douchebag.
Daniel Sutherlin Doyle (26) Med Student. Third oldest brother. Brown noser towards the parentals.
So that makes me the youngest…Woot…

I was voted Class Clown in my Senior Year of high school. That generally should just give you an idea of what I’m like as a person, but seeing as you guys want more *coughMycroftcough*, I’ll give you more.
I speak my mind. I’m not afraid to give a compliment or give an insult. So, if you’re my friend or I work with you, you’re probably used to my sarcastic, but sweet and sassy nature. I’ll be the one to bail you out of jail if you need it, no matter how much change I have to dig out of my couch. Doesn’t matter who you are, I’ll lend you a helping hand.
But if you’re gonna act like an ass to me, I’m gonna treat you like an ass until we come to an clear, concise, understanding of each other. Capisce?
But, all in all, I’m a social person. I have ADD, so my attention span varies from time to time. I’ll either be like Stephen Hawking, and remember every little detail and sound like a freakin’ genius…Or I’m like the really dumb blonde from “Mean Girls”. So if you’re talking to me and I go “Huh?”, I’m not dumb. I’m just not paying attention that much. Call me dumb, and you lose the privilege to reproduce. Not afraid to get in a fight.
I also like to have fun with people, whether they want it or not. Once in a while, I’ll find a good one with buttons for me to push. If I’m pushing your buttons, it means I respect you in some way. If I don’t push your buttons at all, then we’ve got a problem.
OK, so immaturity aside, as an aspiring film-maker, I can be very observant and detail oriented. You can always find me with my camera bag. You never know what’s going to happen and what needs to be filmed. I like to put myself in the middle of the action so I can understand it better. I embrace these challenges willingly with a grin and a Coca-Cola.
Long story short, I’m just your average American girl living in London: Sweet, funny, and annoying.
And proud of it.

Dude, seriously?! I have to describe how I look?! Can’t I just say I look like Scarlett Johannsen and be done with it?
Fine. I have blonde hair, green eyes, fair skin. Again, very typical looking for a girl like me.
Whenever I’m working with cameras, I put my hair up in a ponytail or a messy bun cause it gets in the way. I like dressing very comfortably but very stylish as well, so you can imagine how long it takes me to put together an outfit.
Generally, it’s jeans and a nice fitting shirt. Slap some jewelry on me, make up, and a pair of sunglasses, and I look like a freakin’ runway model.
If I’m don’t have to be anywhere (and it’s rare when I have those moments), I’m in my pajamas, hanging around my apartment with messy hair.
I can touch the tip of my nose with my tongue and say my ABC’s backwards…Oh, the other strengths. Sorry.
Detail Oriented. It goes with the film-making thing. Don’t know how it works with my ADD, but it does.
Loyalty. Once you’re my friend, and if I don’t suspect any duality in you, I’ll get in a fight for you. Seriously, I’ll sport the black eyes and bloody gashes for you.
Um, can "Smart-Ass" be a strength? Cause I'm adding that in there...
Food. Seriously, I LOVE food. Pasta is a favorite dish. Cupcakes are a favorite dessert.
ADD. Yeah, this is a weakness. Don’t like it, but it does explain the short attention span from time to time.
Movies. I’m a sucker for a movie. If you want me to do something I don’t wanna do, just wave a DVD of a film I haven’t seen yet, and I am your slave.
Coca-Cola. If I don’t have my ADD meds in me, I need this.
Egotistical. OK, so this is something that is not really hard for me to admit. It’s not my fault I’m good at what I do. And I do it with attitude…Why is this even a weakness?

Aw crap…My life story. All right, I’ll tell you what it is, but I’m just gonna graze over the boring parts because I doubt you guys will want to know what I did in the first grade…
I was born in December to a religious family. Born and raised in good ol’ Texas. Where our BBQ is the only real BBQ you will ever get in the world.
My family is a little more analytical and logical than I am. Whenever my douchebag brothers would go off and do academic decathalons, my mother would be driving me to dancing lessons and singing lessons as a kid. I guess I was pretty good. I was a state ranked musician at the age of 13.Although as a child, I seemed to be more focused with what was going on TV and on the silver screen than how to sing “Do Re Mi”. I remembered more things from movies and television than I did whenever I was doing school work.
Let me tell you, when you’re in a family of academics and you’re the creative and awesome black sheep, your parents will worry like there’s no tomorrow.
But when I was 16 I was diagnosed with ADD, and once I started swallowing the pills they gave me, I did all right in school.
Told ya the growing up parts were gonna be grazed over. OK, done with the boring parts. Now onto what made me the awesome me.
Started being interested in film during my freshman year of college. I originally started going there to study music and become a history teacher, but then I thought “…Why would I wanna waste my time getting dressed nicely and go to school everyday for the rest of my life when I’m trying to get out of it?”
So I tried to change my major to media studies, but couldn’t get it because there were a bunch of applicants and that I had no previous experience with camera work. I really don’t like being told that I can’t do something, so I’ll set my mind to do it.
For the past two years, I’ve studied camera work, self-teaching myself how to shoot certain ways, and studying different films to become what I know I’ve always wanted to be: A film director.
Oh, and I also dropped out of college. Yeah, THAT was real fun to explain to the parents. But a lot of great movie directors didn’t even go to college and look how they turned out.
The problem is they never tell you how they started: Poor, kind of starving, stuck in a few dead end jobs, and stumped. Really stumped.
So that’s why my parents, despite their disappointment that I dropped out of school, supported my decision to go to London and film new experiences to see if I can get started there.
I have a few odd jobs here and there: Waitressing, filming a news broadcast, photographing crime scenes (FYI, if you’re going to take pictures of a double homicide as your first crime scene gig…Don’t go on a really full stomach…).
All of this is fun and it pays the bills and the rent…especially the new job I just got.
Which I really can’t tell you about, but I can tell you that some pretty awesome shit is gonna go down in London.

<div style="width: 470px; height: 10px; background-color: #515151;"></div>
<a href=""><div style="width: 450px; text-align: right; font-family: verdana; font-size: 8px; text-transform: uppercase; color: #000; margin-left: -70px; margin-top: 3px;"> ♥ TY SARA! </div></a>
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