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Aug 1 2014, 11:24 AM
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<span class="int2">O</span>scar had his hands in his lap, occasionally separating to tap an unknown rhythm on his knees. He never ventured this far down into Cardiff, but he had heard from a 'friend' that Speedy's cafe was a good place to have something to eat, which coincided with one of his client's schedule. It had been a two hour tense conversation before the client decided to end his own meeting.
He never wanted to force one to leave a good conversation but Oscar did get frustrated at those two hour or more conversation. Oscar learned the art of listening and telling when one was ready to be left alone. The way he worked was they could leave when they wanted and he could excuse himself if he's heard enough.
Finally, the tea arrived. Oscar never got into coffee, no matter at his sister's urging to try it, the smell was…overwhelming. He hooked his jacket over the chair and undid his waistcoat. He didn't want to spill anything on his waistcoat, something of a possession to him. A small buzz in his trouser pocket, oscar whipped out his phone, looking at the unknown caller and simply allowed it to go to answering message.
He couldn't trust those types of numbers. So, with that, he simply indulged drinking the tea.

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Aug 1 2014, 10:52 AM
Meet Oscar, he's a lawyer and although he would never admit it, a damn good one as well. Now, he isn't perfect and has had his periods of screw-ups. There is also something he doesn't know, he's a half brother of Charles Augustus Magnessen, maybe others know about it...

He has his ups and downs but is well connected, staying around for many big social events despite being someone who had angered many people he had argued against.


He does have a few, not a lot, many consists of school friends from when he was in Denmark but others are part of the police force and those he hasn't annoyed.


A few people, maybe more but he does have them. And Oscar, underneath all that professionalism, is scared of them.


He never really had a romantic relationship due to the nature of his work and the fact that his eye is also a turn off for many.
Jul 31 2014, 01:22 PM
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Oscar Remus Jakobsen III

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<div class='info2'>Allegiance:</div>
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<div class='info2'> face claim:</div>
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Mads Mikkelsen

<div class='info2'>played by :</div>
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You think you're so persuasive, but I'm not giving up...

<div style="width: 240px; height: 385px; background-color: #d3d3d3; overflow: auto;"><div style="width: 210px; text-align: justify; padding: 5px; font-family: arial; font-size: 9px; letter-spacing: 0px; line-height: 100%;">

<br>Going Name: Oscar Jakobsen
<br><br>Aliases/Nicknames: Mr. Jakobsen
<br><br>Gender: male
<br><br>Family: Ida Jakobsen: Sister. Oscar Jakobsen II: Father. Charlotte Jakobsen: Mother

Personality: Oscar is a man of a very strange background and due to the scar on his eye, managed to not only get him into trouble countless of times when growing up but also got him bullied. He hides behind a mask that is full of professional courtesy and simple eye gazing. He is a proud creature, liking to prove his point. Oscar is persistent and will not back down from a verbal fight. Many people will often see the posh man with the scarred eye in a suit but at home, he relaxes, putting down the barriers that stop him from having fun.

Appearance: A man with great taste, Oscar enjoys the times when he's out wearing his suits, occasionally throwing in a waistcoat into the mix. However, he isn't the ladies man, although he is a gentleman, his scarred left eye scares away many potential friends and girlfriends (not that he cares). His hair is always parted to the left and gelled into place.
At home, he allows himself leeway, dressing down to a t-shirt and jeans, which would surprise even his closest friends. Oscar rarely dresses down when his friends are coming around, his hair would flop down just above the eyebrow.

-Good talker
-Telling when someone has something to hide.
-Keeping a level-head

-His family
-Self defense
-His eyesight isn't too good on his left.

Welcome, please take a seat…now, start with the basics, please?
Your mother taught you well. I'm Oscar Remus Jakobsen…the second. It was a shame that my parents couldn't have thought up an original names all by themselves but alas, it's far too late. I'm in my mid 40s, 45 to be precise.
If you don't mind me asking…how did you get that scar?
It's a rather embarrassing subject, but it's not something I'd pass up as a story. My sister and I were playing, being knights and all sorts of childish things, she lunged, I forgot to parry but moved my head so that the stick managed to hit where you see the scar. No biggie, although it has rendered my eyesight in my left eye a bit fuzzy.
Now, your family, who are they and what do they do?
I have my sister, Ida Jakobsen and my parents…Oscar and Charlotte Jakobsen. My sister is a lawyer, much like myself. Oscar and Charlotte were bankers, so we were not too bad in the money system.
They wanted to move from Denmark to somewhere they could 'harness' their talents a bit more, so they decided to move to LA. I have little clue to why but eh, their choice.
What about your childhood after moving to Bullrose?
It was…fine I guess but then at school, my sister was two years older than me, thus we were separated and due to my eye, I was teased. Maybe it was bullying but I can't really say.
*Leans in* Stop recording, your private recorder's been annoying ever since I walked into the room, it's placed in the gap between the arm and the cushion of my chair, isn't it?
No, no…It wasn't me…please...
I like honesty but I can tell you're lying, just take it out and delete the conversation and nothing will happen. Trust me.
Okay…*takes out the recorder, deletes conversation.* There, happy now?
Not quite. I also have to tell you something. I've called the police, they should be here in roughly two minutes. Tell me about Mrs. Gondolaze, you seemed to have ripped her and a couple of other elders off and they've gone to me to press charges. I'll see you in court, Mr. Timothy.
Oscar stands up and goes for the door.
I'll make sure you get the sentence you deserve.
Wait! Please, you've got to listen to me! I was desperate!
Door slams

<div style="width: 470px; height: 10px; background-color: #515151;"></div>
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