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 Look a little further, [Tag: Open]
Oscar Jakobsen
 Posted: Aug 1 2014, 11:24 AM
"You think you're so persuasive, but I'm not giving up."
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Oscar had his hands in his lap, occasionally separating to tap an unknown rhythm on his knees. He never ventured this far down into Cardiff, but he had heard from a 'friend' that Speedy's cafe was a good place to have something to eat, which coincided with one of his client's schedule. It had been a two hour tense conversation before the client decided to end his own meeting.

He never wanted to force one to leave a good conversation but Oscar did get frustrated at those two hour or more conversation. Oscar learned the art of listening and telling when one was ready to be left alone. The way he worked was they could leave when they wanted and he could excuse himself if he's heard enough.

Finally, the tea arrived. Oscar never got into coffee, no matter at his sister's urging to try it, the smell was…overwhelming. He hooked his jacket over the chair and undid his waistcoat. He didn't want to spill anything on his waistcoat, something of a possession to him. A small buzz in his trouser pocket, oscar whipped out his phone, looking at the unknown caller and simply allowed it to go to answering message.

He couldn't trust those types of numbers. So, with that, he simply indulged drinking the tea.

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