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 To Catch a Thief (First part of Mycroft arc), Anyone on Mycroft's team
Mycroft Holmes
 Posted: Jul 22 2014, 10:15 PM
Lola has 11 posts
British SS Agent

→ but if you ask me,

Glancing down at some paperwork, Mycroft had one of those looks on his faces that said he was rather distraught and if at all, inconvenienced. That alone was the telltale sign of an emergency because if one knew Mycroft Holmes, one knew he didn’t really have facial expressions period. (At least not normal ones.) The information he was looking at – or rather what he had been given along with his cup of coffee that morning was, to the deep regret of the SS Agent, the transcript copy of a recent hacking scandal that had involved confidential information being leaked out. Normally he did not have time or the care to deal with hackings- beneath him really- but in this case the severity of the situation had caused him to become involved. See the trouble here they were facing was that that it involved the internet – therefore it made everything anonymous. Catching terrorists in real life was one thing but hackers? That was one of the few fields he was not experienced in, an inner secret of course; the man had far too much pride to admit his weaknesses to anyone outloud.

The team he’d gathered sat before him in a horseshoe fashion looking curious as a freshman might look at a new college professor. Each one he’d chosen had their own strengths that would contribute to tracking down the cyber terrorist, one being his own employee Sarah Doyle. Despite her annoying and bothersome personality (and possibly the reason for his receding hairline) the girl was the best camerawoman he had (but you didn’t hear that from him) and only the best for Mycroft, correct? Doyle had… just enough cleverness and way too much personality. But a small price to pay. He liked her skills and that to him was what mattered most. Either way he’d had to involve Sarah in this or she might have done God knows what. She wasn’t exactly his most well behaved employee. Perhaps those charm school classes could be handy…

Annabeth Winters was by no means a criminal psychologist, but skimming through her books it was easy to see how she understood of the mind of a criminal better than a psychologist. See to him anyone could have a degree but that did not really make them smart or a wide thinker, as he’d deduced the commercial novelist to be. Outside thinkers held his interest. Not that, of course… he read silly crime novels or anything it was just he had been looking for someone a little smarter than above average. Oh she was a fun one to deduce. In fact right now he could see from the puffiness of her eyes that she’d perhaps had a little too much to drink the night before.

Their informant, Amara, came from a family long suspected of crime except they could never prove anything on them. Not yet anyway. Which was why he’d been surprised at her offer to be his snitch. Still he’d be keeping an eye on her nonetheless. That was the ironic about the SS – they were intended to do good but sometimes depended on the scum of the criminal world for things.

There were others here too but Mycroft didn’t have any more time to muse and knew it was time to get started. Holding what looked like a small remote in his hand he started up a Smartboard holding information they would need. “Good morning. All awake? Excellent. Let us begin.” The machine beeped and on the screen popped up a profile of sorts. “Meet our criminal, also known as, C4-MOUSE . They are a hacker who has stolen vital information from the government, some of the most top kept secrets in England as a matter of fact. And you all are going to find them.” He turned to the group still holding the remote, a look of being better than those around him as a college professor might sneer down at a group of students, waiting patiently for their reactions. Oh, let the delight begin.

two is a whole lot lonelier then one

|| Tag: Hacking Catching Team! ||

||674 words ||

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||Credit: Tillie @ Caution||

Amara Gracelen
 Posted: Jul 24 2014, 02:45 PM
This thing turned out so evil, I don't know why I'm still surprised. Even angels have their wicked schemes, and you take that to new extremes. But you'll always be my hero even though you've lost your mind.
.Plath has 44 posts
Crime Boss's Daughter

i'm your worst nightmare, and you're my biggest fear
Amara Gracelen couldn’t always understand her own mind or what it wanted. There were days where she acted on pure impulse alone, and that enough could be a very dangerous thing. The question that hung in the air was this: Just why had she decided to help Mycroft Holmes? She knew of the man from past clients, and the war often waged between him and the criminal underworld, but other than that, she knew near to nothing personal about the man. And yet, several weeks prior she had been in contact with him. Amara could be difficult to reach unless knowing where to look, and so she had partially reached out in turn. He more than anything intrigued her, Mycroft seemed to be a highly intelligent individual and yet he was seeking out other means to take down some criminal or another.

She hadn’t been able to resist, but of course there were other underlying reasons. Lately, she had been getting in a little too over her head. It wasn’t that she had made any mistakes, but she was placing herself within reach of a very dangerous man. Amara had only intended to work with him once or twice, but she didn’t want to make the same mistakes that her family once had. She knew better than anyone not to underestimate the very game she was playing, and Amara was looking for an escape if need be. Whatever this case detailed, she just hoped it could provide a means of safety if she was successful in helping. After all, it wasn’t something she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

Of course, she wasn’t so readily going to admit this. She did take a certain pride in her work after all. And as she was seated, Amara couldn’t help but glance around the room at the people whom she’d be engaged with. As Mycroft entered the room, Amara leaned back into her seat, she had a rising suspicion that she was one of the few in the room who could actually be considered a criminal of some kind or another. As the sound of a beep resonated, she curiously leaned forward. “They hardly could be considered a top secret if they were so easily taken from you. This hacker knew how to get in so the question is if they are truly as talented as you make them out to be, or did they obtain previous information from an inside source. “Amara tapped her chin thinking of each possibility so she could figure out where to start on her end.

Hackers weren’t always so common in her field of dealings, but she had come across some in her time. “It wouldn’t be the first time secrets from England were taken.” However, she couldn’t help but think that this time was different, especially if Mycroft was going out of his way to assemble a very unique team.

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Sarah Doyle
 Posted: Aug 11 2014, 02:36 PM
Chicky has 30 posts
British Government/Camera Technician

Mycroft may have been in charge of this little mission, but that didn’t mean Sarah had to obey all his rules and regulations concerning this assignment like a prissy little debutante. An early morning meeting? What was he thinking?! He knew she worked two other jobs. What was he trying to do? Work her to death? It wouldn’t do him any good. She’d still find time to wreak havoc in the office. How and with what, she did not know yet. She was already too tired to think of a good prank. She would have been a little bit happy if she had a coke, but alas, since there was a meeting, Miss Doyle had to take her ADD medication. Her body was still tired, but the slight buzzing that was taking place in her head was the one keeping her awake and attentive.

And yet, she still showed up to the meeting in her pajamas.

She had been the last to show up to the meeting, even though she was on time. Wearing flannel, red plaid pajama bottoms, and an old, extra large black shirt that had a picture of the “Jaws” poster on the front, she sat herself down on the chair near where her boss stood begrudgingly, clearly not happy to be there in the morning. Placing her fuzzy monkey slippered feet on top of the table, she crossed her arms over her chest, ignoring the looks she was getting.

Did she mean to show up to the meeting in her sleepwear?...Yeah, sure, let’s go with “Yes”, just to save time. In reality, she didn’t mean to. Having only just woken up an hour ago and taken her medication, she really didn’t want to scramble in getting ready. She had fallen asleep at three in the morning working on getting some footage for Mycroft in the first place, and knowing it was going to be a long night, had changed into her pajamas to work more comfortably in her little office. She wasn’t going to show up to the meeting in what she wore the day before. There were pizza stains all over them. She’d rather show up in her pajamas anyway.

She glared at Mycroft a little when he asked if they were all awake. He perfectly knew the answer to that. Oh, how badly she wanted to yell “Hell no!”, but she kept her mouth shut. It was too early in the day to be a smart ass.

Popping a piece of pink bubble gum in her mouth, she paid attention to the assignment. A hacker had taken vital information from the country. As she chewed the gum, her face furrowed in confusion. Why was she here in the first place? This was a job for the computer nerds, not the camera nerds.

Blowing a pink bubble out of her mouth she listened to a woman comment on how easy it could have been to get these secrets in the first place and raised an eyebrow. Sarah wasn’t sure to dislike the dark-haired woman because she pretty sure said the British Government was incompetant in keeping their secrets, or like her because she had the balls to say it.

She’d work on that later.

Wait a minute, this was the computer nerds problem, right? And if there was a hacker involved, that meant Mycroft wanted visual on them! Which meant that Sarah had to work with the computer nerds.

If there wasn’t a pink bubble blowing out of her mouth, she would’ve said “Aw hell!”. But instead, the bubble gum balloon that originated out of her mouth popped, the sticky residue landing on her nose as she realized this. She hated working with the computer nerds. They were always mean and thought she was stupid and didn’t want to work with her.

If she was going to be working with them, she was going to make their lives a living hell.

As if in a classroom, she raised her hand until Mycroft would pay attention to her.

You want visual and audio on this guy right?” she started, still chewing on her gum. “But we don’t know where to find them, and the only way to know is if we use your rag tag team of geeky virgins to track down the IP address and all that wonderful crap. Which means I can’t do my job unless it’s teamed with them" She paused a little to allow for the gum in her mouth to make an audible crack. "…Do you see my problem here, Mykey?

If Mycroft was even thinking about pairing her up with his “beautiful mind genius guys”, they weren’t going to make it out of this mission the same. He had to know that Sarah would personally make sure that his men would suffer her wrath if they said something in retort to her about her skills and intelligence. Last time she was with them, one of them called her a dumb bitch.

The only good thing that happened to the guy since then was that his testicular retrieval operation went well.
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