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 I've gone too far to turn back now, Patience Moran's Plotter
Patience Moran
 Posted: Aug 9 2014, 06:31 PM
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Police Sergeant

Patience Moran

Patience is a friendly person enjoys making friends, but at the same time Patience worries about making friends. She is worried that those she consider her friend might discover that she has in the past used her job to help her brother cover up crimes. Due to her actions, Patience will try to distance herself from people, to avoid getting close to people and risk getting her secret discovered by others. Patience is loyal to her friends though that is if this loyalty does not interfere with her loyalty to her brother.


Enemies to Patience are those whom get in her way, those whom get in her brothers way, and her own brother. She will consider anyone whom attempts to cause trouble for herself and her brother, though at the same time she does despise her brother. She despises his actions and her own actions in helping him cover up his crimes. While Patience can be considered a corrupt police officer, she still considers criminals to be her enemy and will do her best to apprehend them unless they are her brother.


Patience was once married, though that relationship was unhappy and ended with her husband murdered in a way that seemed like a accident. Patience herself has a bit of trouble finding friends due to the secrets she keeps, the things she did in the past, so lovers are going to be even more difficult for Patience to find.

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